This service is unique to ES jewellery and is aimed specifically at women who have unusual shaped engagement ring where a standard wedding ring just won’t do. Fit for a Princess is an alternative to standard wedding ring and one in which Emma and Steve will design and craft your unique wedding ring to fit exactly around your engagement ring. The effect is stunning and the fit extremely comfortable on the finger.

All work is carried out in ES jewelley’s fully equipped workshop using all the latest techniques and equipment. Of course attention to detail and craftsmanship are built into the work as standard, and, because all the work is carried out by themselves, you will find their pricing extremely competitive.

Come in and discuss our Fit for a Princess service over a cup of coffee.

What makes it unique?
Fit for a Princess is a personal service and collaboration between ES jewellery and the client with the following main steps:

• Once a basic design has been agreed, Emma will take your existing engagement ring and create a wax model wedding ring to fit exactly around it. Emma and Steve won’t send anything away and will need to keep your precious engagement ring for only one hour! This makes the process a much more personal and pleasurable one.

• With the wax model completed, you will have the opportunity to see exactly how the wedding ring looks on your finger against your engagement ring. You are also in the ideal position to make adjustments to the design. This process is repeated as many times as you require until you are satisfied you have the perfect wedding ring design.

• Even at this stage you are not under any obligation to proceed with the purchase. ES jewellery recognises how important this type of purchase is and will give you the time to think, so will keep the wax model in the workshop for up to a year so you can return at a later date should you wish to proceed.

• If you do decide to proceed, the wedding ring is manufactured in gold or platinum to a very high standard they would ask for a 30% deposit and a minimum of six weeks to produce a set of wedding rings. As an added extra,  ES jewellery will polish and, if necessary, re-rhodium plate your engagement ring for FREE so the two rings together are undoubtedly Fit for a Princess.

What do you do?
You can either email ES jewellery to arrange an appointment or call into the shop to arrange a convenient time for you.

Alternatively call us on 01543 255879 to make an appointment for our Fit for a Princess service.
For more Fit for a princess examples click here



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