When the pure, cool beauty of the Arctic is blended with the simple elegance of Danish design, a new era dawns: Its BERING-Time.

Exactly 280 years ago, the Danish sailor Vitus Bering braced himself for a daring adventure: in 1728 he set sail for an almost unknown area of the Arctic Ocean. On his journey he crossed the straits which would later be named the Bering Strait in his honour. Vitus Bering was the first European to discover Alaska and it is here that one of the four time zones bears his famous name: Bering-Time!

Treading new ground, venturing into unknown territory: the Danes Vitus Bering and Rene Kaerskoy link these ideas with the BERING brand. This is the only way in which a vision can become reality. And so the brand BERING is successfully made up of the perfect combination of extraordinarily hard materials and an extremely flat design.

Esjewellery is extremely happy to introduce the fantastic watch brand BERING to you. Each classic and stream line watch design features the most durable materials. From Hi Tech-Ceramic to scratch resistant Sapphire glass, these watches are great for everyday wear but also look fantastic.

Each BERING watch has a two year warranty and comes in unique re-usable packaging. Prices start from £99 so there is something for everyone. The helpful and friendly staff at ES Jewellery look forward to welcoming you into the show room to make your selection.


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